Zaina Ahamad-Chapter President
Marketing Major, Fashion Studies Minor
Fun Fact: I was voted the happiest person in my 3rd grade class :)

Laura Wood-Vice President Operations
Biological Sciences with Chemistry Minor
Fun Fact: I love baking and cooking - breads, cookies, dinners. You name it.

Bekah Littlepage-Vice President Risk Management
Majors: Cybersecurity & Political Science
Fun Fact: I’m in my fourth semester of learning Russian!

Laynie Hatfield-Vice President Member Experience
Major: Psychology/Criminal Justice/Art Therapy Certificate
Fun Fact: I was a competitive dancer for over 10 years

Catherine Wagner-Vice President Finance and Housing
Major: Health Sciences on a Pre-Optometry Track
Fun Fact: I have ridden horses for 12 years

Lauren Bradstreet-Vice President Community Relations
Major: Operations Management and Marketing
Fun Fact: I was in the Macy’s Parade with my competitive jump rope team!

Lucy West-Vice President Inclusion
Major: Special Education
Fun Fact: I have 2 golden retrievers

Natalie Nye-Vice President Recruitment
Finance Major, Sales Minor
Fun Fact: My older sister Celeste was an OH Kappa Pi Phi!

Jackie Hamburg-Director Leadership
Major: Health sciences-pre PA track
Fun Fact: I am double jointed in both elbows

Sarah Huffman-Director Social Events
Major: Communication with minor in PR and Marketing
Fun Fact: I have two nieces that are older than me

Haley Bunner-Director Policy and Prevention Education
Major: Business Analytics
Fun Fact: I have a pet corgi

Georgia Ryan-Director Member Conduct
Major: Nursing
Fun Fact: I’m taking a beginners ballet class this year!

Sierra Bird-Director New Member Experience
Major: Early Childhood Education
Fun Fact: I LOVE bagel sandwiches!!

Allison Douthat-Director Lifelong Membership
Major: Architectural Engineering
Fun Fact: I have traveled to Africa!

Natalie Madison-Director Academics
Major: Nursing
Fun Fact: I am a triple!

Abby Spurling-Director Fraternity Heritage
Major: Communications with a creative writing certificate
Fun Fact: I worked on a goat farm

Katie Sankey-Director Member Finance
Majors: Marketing and Entrepreneurship Minors: Business Management and Real Estate
Fun Fact: I live in a town where we hold the most records for roundabouts

Caroline Bahner-Director PR/Marketing
Communications Major, Marketing Minor
Fun Fact: I’m originally from Austin, Texas!

Jillian Johnson-Director Recruitment Events
Major: Nursing
Fun Fact: I am double jointed in my arms

Madison Conley-Director Member Selection
Major: Sport Administration
Fun Fact: I have my boating license